Hello everyone!

I am Jordanha Knight

Hi! I’m a Sydney based photographer and I specialise in landscape and commercial photography. My main love is seascapes, after all who doesn’t love the beach at sunrise?  I love the whole process, from waking up at 4am to get to the location before the sun peeks through for the day, to feeling the sand beneath my feet and smelling the salt in the air.

I personally love to look at landscape images. As I feel like I’m transported to that location (which seems like the next best thing to travelling at the moment).  I love looking and learning and experimenting with different styles of photography.  My photographic education will never end and only evolve as time goes by.

Photography captures that one moment in time and can evoke memories and feelings.

My aim:

Is to create an image that will move you in some way, whether it’s looking at one of my seascapes and feeling like you were there to see that sunrise or making your mouth water when you look at one of my commercial images for a local cafe.